9 Top Food Bloggers In Delhi You Must Follow in 2019

If you are here to read this article then you must be so curious to know that who will be the 9 Top Food Bloggers In Delhi You Must Follow. 

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Let’s Begin,

You are familiar with this fact that nowadays Food blogging becomes one of those professions for whom the young generation joining on a large scale.

But have you ever wondered which are the top food bloggers that everyone should follow?

In this article, I am going to tell you about the food bloggers about whom everyone should know.

Food Blogging is not meant only for food, It’s emotion, It’s a connection, It’s relation and Yes it’s Business.

so, who are the top 9 food bloggers?

1. He Cook She Eat – Amit Sharma

With almost 92k Instagram followers and approx 1300 impressive content,

Amit Sharma is one of the top food bloggers in Delhi.

He is a businessman and a Food Blogger.

Food blogging is his passion.his Instagram handle is so creative that Anyone will be easily affected by their account. He usually uses a line in his every caption which is “We’re friends if you don’t waste Food & Water ” which I personally love about his blog.

On research about him, I found that he is featured by one of the finest Indian newspaper NBT.

WEBSITE:- hecooksheeat

Top food bloggers in delhi

2. Delhi Fun Dos – Sundeep & Bedabrata

With almost 56k+ followers on Instagram, 4300+ Facebook likes,

Delhi-fun-duos established their presence at twitter and youtube as well.

Sundeep and Bedabrata have everything on their social presence regarding Travel, Foodstuffs, and Events.

Except for food and travel content they have a lot of content regarding Live performances, Theatres, music events, movies, heritage walks, etc.

Instead of their social content, I found that they also have an excellent website with a great Alexa Rank.

WEBSITE:- delhifunduos

Top Food Bloggers in Delhi- delhifunduos

3. Karan Food Fanatic – Karan Tripathi

With Approx 70k followers on Instagram and 3k likes on facebook,

Karan Tripathi have a great fan base who follows him on every platform.

He Wants to try every cuisine that this world has to offer.

For Him, Food is more than just-food.

He always works on hin 4 principles which makes him different from others.
  1. Cooking
  2. Exploring
  3. Clicking 
  4. Eating

Top food bloggers in delhi-food fanatic

4. Foodelhi – Karan Marwah

with 101k Followers on Instagram, 2.4k likes on facebook, 1k+ Twitter followers and handling a youtube channel.

He Wants to Make his online presence on almost every platform.

Not just covering awesome foodstuff but also foodelhi covers reviews, menu launches, restaurant marketing, editorials, and travel and many more which makes him different from any other blogger.

WEBSITE: Foodelhi

Top food bloggers in delhi-foodelhi

5.V For Veggie – Shubhneet Jain

With almost 161k followers on Instagram, he is one of the top food bloggers in Delhi.

Shubhneet is not just a food lover, but also a taster, reviewer, and photographer.

he always looking for major food events, fests, etc with amazing ongoing deals.

He also runs a Well defined Blog with excellent content on it.

WEBSITE: Vforveggieblog

6. Eatloveerepeat – Juhi & Bhavya 

With almost 11k followers on Instagram, and have their presence on Facebook as well.

No doubt that Juhi and Bhavya are in the list of top 10 followers you must follow.

They also have an interesting website with the contents regarding, Food, travel and some life stories which you’ll definitely like.

WEBSITE: eatloveerepeat

Top food bloggers in delhi-eatloveerepeat

7. Funfoodandfrolic – Hina Bisht

With 140k+ followers on Instagram, Hina Bisht made his respected presence on the foodie community.

her extremely awesome creativity on pictures clearly shows on their pics of Instagram.

Hina Has an excellent like and comments rate on their contents which shows that how curiously her audience waiting for her posts.

Hina manages a website where she posts contents regarding Foodstuff, her travel life, and food recipes.

WEBSITE: Funfoodandfrolic

Top food bloggers in delhi-funfoodandfrolic

8. Delhifoodiegram – Gaurav Pathak

With almost 6k loyal Instagram followers, Gaurav Pathak has the ability to engage his followers with his content.

he is an engineering student and except this, he is a photographer, reviewer, taster, a food blogger, and a traveler as well.

Starting his journey a Few months ago Now, he has a Growing Instagram handle.

he also manages an extremely good presented website on which he shares his knowledge regarding food recipes, foodstuffs, and a lot more interesting content.

WEBSITE: Delhifoodiegram

Top food bloggers in delhi-delhifoodiegram

9. ye khana h meri jaan – Vishal & Muktaa

With 4k+ Instagram audiences and their unique name, Vishal & Muktaa present their content in a well-designed form.

Starting Their food blogging journey a few months ago now they have a good audience base with extremely good presented contents.

except for food blogger,They are also travelers, food reviewers, and YouTubers as well.

You can also check their website as well for their meetups, and their activities.

WEBSITE: Thefoodandtravel

Top food bloggers in delhi-yekhanahmerijaan

on the above-mentioned list who is your favorite food blogger? (Tell us in the comment section)
Disclaimer: Please note that this list is indicative and non-exhaustive, and not based on any particular order.

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